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But I'll be there for you As the world falls down

tiffany Myers
8 February
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My names tiffany aLice Myers
im a fun loving person.. what can i say.Theres nothing much mo to me. Except i kill people who piss me off ........ hehe

i like marilyn monroe alot. Wait love.

im currently 16 years old. go to oxnard high. and are in love with todd.

i have one pirceing. "monroe".

i love vintage stuff and Old movies.

My favororite actors are Nicole kidman.johnny depp. angelina jolie. charlize theron.

I love the band the sounds.

I love the rain. and hate the sun. I want a pink trench coat really badly. and want to marry a james dean look a like.

I LOVE the song act liek a women by miss monroe

I currently have a huge obssesion with members 0only jackets and hope to acquire more soon.

My prized possesion in clothings are my cordiroy memebr only jacket and a marilyn monroe shirt.

My favorite disney (cartoon) movies are

1. Alice in wonderland
2.Peter pan
3.The little mermaid
4. and sleeping beauty

My fav movies are....
(not in order)
The labyrinth
The virgin suicides
Pirates of the Caribbean
Cry baby
My fair lady
Dirty dancing havanna nights
Some like it hott
The misfits
Sleepy hollow
A street car named desire
16 candles
A midnight summers dream
Romeo and juliet
The shining
Funny Face
Rebel without a cause
Cleopatra (the old one)

i think i missed about 100

lol no joke

I love guys who are instrumental. And places i love to be are
My bathroom
Leahs house
San fran
Big Daddy'os

I love iced coffee! and caffe's

I could spend all day in barnes and noble reading books and listeing to music

Im a very emotional person and cry easily in movies.

Audrey hepbrun is one of my fav persons.

i hate racism and n e thing to do with it

i have a mom a dad

a bro

and a sis

and a best friend

and friends

I love pasta and anything italien food.

i wish i had platinum blonde hair and i wish i had todd as my b friend

im in love with these men
james franco

Johnny depp

and james dean

I call them the Three J's

I want a tattoo of Figaro the cat from pinochio. a tatto of Alice and her ADORABLE CAT DINA!!

Figaro.. isnt he sooo cute!

And adorable Dina!

i love rollercoasters. gloomy days. and the way it looks when the sun sets.

blah im tired im gonna goto bed lol